Wendy Oldfield is a multi-award winning South African Female singer, songwriter, and producer with a legendary musical career which began in the late 8O's and continues today. Never one to shy away from U-turns in her lengthy career with a “back to basics” approach that isn’t shy of warmth, mood and feel. 


Wendy Oldfield has been a preformer and creator of beautifull music since 1983. She first rocketed into the spotlight with rock group "The Sweatband" and had a number of hits including the ver popular "This  Boy" wich charted on all major radio stations.

In 1989 Wendy Oldfield branched out into a solo career and released her first solo album callee "Beautiful World". This album saw a solid number of hits for a debut solo artist such as "Acid Rain", "Miracle", "Don't Stop Believing" and Living In A Real World".

The next few years Wendy Oldfield's style grew and changed, ever consistent with dynamic lyrical content, also keeping it real. "Ruby", "Pale Blue Dot", 'Holy Water" and "Supernova" followed over the next 20 years. Songs like "Holy Water', "Sun", "New Dress" and "Burden" became huge favorites at all her live performances nationally. 

She was also vocals/percussion of "Mondetta", as superstar world music group that released only one album, "Small World" before Gito Baloi's sad and untimely death. 

Wendy Oldfield has been nominated for a total of 7 SAMA Awards of which she has won 2 for "Best Female Vocalist" and also "Best pop Album" with 2 more for her children's albums "Singalong Kidz Vol 1" and "Singalong Kids Vol 2". 

Production became large part of Wendy Oldfield's career and she produced many featured film soundtracks and theme tunes for local film producers like "Lean Schuster's Sweet And Short", "Zulu On My Stoop" and many Wildlife documentaries as well as Discoverie's "Living With Tigers".

Over those 3 decades of her career Wendy Oldfield has danced, acted, arranged, produced, musically directed, orchestrated large choral compositions. She worked with "Old Mutual Choral Encounters", "Toyota" sponsored and raced kyalami in the "Celebrity Challenge" for a couple of times. Wendy Oldfield also presented Travel documentaries in Costa Rica Guatemala and Venezuela "Wish You Were Here for SABC local broadcasting company.

She also released a number of music videos "New Dress, "Home" and collaborated with the cream of South African's best talents. 

Jabu Kanyile Bayete

Johnny Clegg

Busi Mshlongo

Robin Auld

Tu Nokwe

Faith Kykana

Cindy Alter

Vicky Samason

Irit Noble

Lionel Bastos

Louis Mhlanga

Themba Mkizwe

Ray Phiri

Brenda Fasi

Tim Parr

Theo Crouse

James Phillips

Thembi Mttshali

Cedric Samson

In the year 2000 Wendy Oldfield took an another project, having children. She is he proud mother of 2 Boys "Luka" and "Jude" followed by a beautiful girl "Lilah Blu".

Wendy Oldfield left Johannesburg and moved with her husband Ray and family to a farm in Wilderness Western Cape where they practiced living according to their philosophies and raising the kids. "Reminder to the world" a profound song and video released "Into The World Just Because".

During this time Wendy Oldfield produced and wrote 2 children albums, "Under African Skies" and "Sing Along One", "Sing Along Two" and "In The Womb"

She arranged and orchestrated the choral encounters choir series for old mutual.

Wendy Oldfield is now divorced and still has many friends involved for many years with artist Hermann Niebuhr to name but a few.

The year 2020 saw the release of her latest album called "Salt", a brand new release with newly signed managing company Just Records at the helm.

Wendy Oldfield preforms quite prolifically all around South Africa sending her shine and authenticity into the world, followed by masses on inspirational messages left on her Facebook page by fans.

From the start of her solo career in Nineteen Eighty Eight (1988), Wendy Oldfield released Six (6) solo albums with many hits including:


Training Programs

Wendy Oldfield has a Three Sixty (360) degree Singing and Mentoring program that includes:


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